Get Travel Insurance!

To all of our guests who are planning on traveling internationally to Serbia for our wedding ceremony on May 31, we strongly encourage you to GET TRAVEL INSURANCE! In the very unlikely event that there are any coronavirus-related travel restrictions which would cause us to postpone the wedding ceremony, you would be able to use your travel insurance to be reimbursed for all nonrefundable travel expenses. Such insurance packages usually cover up to 150% of nonrefundable travel expenses and also cover medical and transportation costs in the event of an overseas emergency. Coverage for myself cost me only $175 (for $3000 worth of nonrefundable travel expenses), but it is totally worth it!

We are moving forward with wedding plans and do not foresee needing to change our May 31 wedding date due to any coronavirus concerns, but it is good to be safe!

Talk to your personal insurance agent; otherwise, if you live in the United States, feel free to contact the Jivan Insurance agency at to get the proper coverage.

Looking forward to seeing you in Serbia!

– Judah

P.S. Have you RSVPed for the Serbian wedding ceremony? Do it now! it only takes two minutes!

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